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    The state should strive to develop the national economy through scientific and technological innovation and information and human resource development. It is the duty of all citizens to ensure that their children receive at least primary education and education prescribed by law. Courts are divided into the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court, and courts at all levels. The President can issue a presidential decree on matters delegated and matters necessary for the enforcement of the law within the specific scope of the law. All citizens have the right to vote in accordance with the law. Workers have the right to organize independently, negotiate as a group, and act as a group to improve working conditions. Active military personnel cannot be appointed to the State Department unless they are dismissed from their active duty. The expulsion of lawmakers requires the consent of at least two-thirds of the members of the Congress.

    All citizens have freedom of residence and movement. All citizens enjoy freedom of speech and press, and freedom of assembly and association. The economic order of the Republic of Korea is based on the respect for the economic freedom and creativity of individuals and businesses. When the President makes a decision or order pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2, he/she shall immediately report it to the Congress and obtain approval. The term of office of the first president of this Constitution shall be calculated from the date of enforcement of this Constitution. Citizens affected by illegal acts in the performance of their duties by public officials may claim legitimate compensation from the State or social organizations as prescribed by law. In this case, public officials are not exempted from responsibility. The President is elected by the people through ordinary, equal, direct, and secret elections.