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    Matters necessary to guarantee the facility standards of communication and broadcasting and the function of newspapers shall be prescribed by law. The head of 성인용품 the executive branch shall be appointed by the President at the recommendation of the Prime Minister from among the Cabinet members.Citizens who are not soldiers or military personnel shall not be tried by the military court in the territory of the Republic of Korea, except as stipulated by law and emergency martial law on serious military secrets, sentries, posts, toxic food supplies, prisoners, and military supplies.Matters concerning the constituencies of members of the National Assembly, the proportional representation system, and other elections shall be prescribed by law. A member of the National Assembly shall not be liable outside the National Assembly for his/her remarks and votes made in the National Assembly.All citizens are obligated to pay taxes as prescribed by law. The Constitutional Court consists of nine judges who have the qualifications of judges, and judges are appointed by the president.