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    The organization, delegation matters, and other necessary matters of the Election Commission at each level shall be determined by law. Public officials have the right to unite, bargain collectively, and take collective action only as prescribed by law. The status of foreigners is guaranteed by international law and treaties. All citizens enjoy individual freedom. No one can be arrested, detained, confiscated, searched, or interrogated without law, and no one can be punished, security measures, or forced labor without law and due process. The Audit Committee is established under the President, and is in charge of auditing the revenues and expenditures of the state, auditing organizations prescribed by law, and auditing the duties of administrative agencies and public officials.

    The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is appointed by the President with the consent of the Congress. Members cannot be dismissed without being sentenced to more than impeachment or imprisonment. Political parties are protected by the state in accordance with the law, and the state can provide funds necessary for the operation of political parties in accordance with the law. Members of the National Assembly cannot concurrently hold positions prescribed by law. The National Election Commission may prescribe regulations on election management, referendum management, party affairs, etc. within the scope prescribed by law, and may prescribe internal disciplinary regulations within the scope not contrary to the law. Except as otherwise provided by law due to urgent needs of national defense or the national economy, private enterprises may not be converted to sharing or sharing, and their operations may not be controlled or managed.