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    No special social class system is recognized and cannot be made in any form. A military court may be established as a specialized court to have jurisdiction over military trials. All citizens are obligated to work. The state determines the content and conditions of labor obligations in accordance with democratic principles and laws. All citizens have the freedom to choose a career. All citizens have the right to hold public office in accordance with the provisions of the law. The establishment of political parties is guaranteed a free and pluralistic party system. Education independence, professionalism, political neutrality, and university autonomy are guaranteed by law. The term of office of the Supreme Court Justice is six years, and he/she may be reappointed in accordance with the law. The dismissal plan under paragraph 1 must be decided with the proposal of at least one-third of the members of the National Assembly and the approval of the majority of the members of the National Assembly.

    All citizens enjoy individual freedom. No one can be arrested, detained, confiscated, searched, or interrogated without law, and no one can be punished, security measures, or forced labor without law and due process. The organization and operation of the Constitutional Court and other necessary matters shall be determined by law. If there is one presidential candidate, he cannot be elected president unless he receives more than a third of the voters. Citizens affected by illegal acts in the performance of their duties by public officials can claim legitimate compensation from the state or social organizations as prescribed by law. In this case, public officials are not exempted from responsibility. The expulsion of lawmakers requires the co