Hello. I’m a criminal lawyer from Seocho, and I’m a criminal clinic from Lee Pyeong, a law firm. Recently, online advertisements have been popular among young people to solve urgent money through “cash small payments.” It is difficult for debtors in their 20s and 30s with low credit ratings to use loans from banks and others even if they need urgent money, and it is the cashing of small payments that dug into this point. If you purchase gifticons or mobile gift certificates within the small payment limit of your mobile phone and send them to the cashier, the operator deposits the limited fee regardless of the circumstances, which is equivalent to the so-called card crack. Therefore, not only the relevant business operator but also the client who received the cash deposit can be punished for small payments, so Seocho criminal lawyer’s help is very necessary. As seen earlier, the so-called 폴웨어
“mobile payment” cashing is carried out by having the client purchase mobile gift certificates