Introduction to pole dance review & pole dance clothes (poleware) I encountered pole dance 2 months ago! Due to the upgrade of COVID-19 to the 2.5 level in the Seoul metropolitan area, all indoor sports facilities were blocked, but what’s ridiculous is that I injured my ribs in an expert class on the last day. It hurt so much that I went and scored two ribs. 폴웨어 Are you forced to recuperate again.. I can’t do pole dancing one way or another, so I’ll take a look at pole dancing and record it… I never thought of pole dancing that I’ve never encountered before, but one day, I suddenly saw a book and impulsively did it, and I didn’t expect to fall into it.. I never thought I’d break my ribs.. Life can’t really measure an inch ahead.. At first, even if I’m a beginner at kk introduction, I’m hanging on to a pole and spinning around. Other exercises such as pilates, yoga, and pt tend to give up in advance when it’s hard, but Paul has to hang on.