Filter Press

Filter Press

Ratchet Closing
Filter press is closed with Ratchet
Pinion & Gear for smaller size.

Hydraulic Cylinder
Pressure upto 325 Kg/cm2
Strock-150 to 450 mm
Capacity-30 Tones to 300 Tones

Hand operated Hydraulic Closing
Suitable for small & medium size Filter Press.

* Washing * Washing Type
* Non Washing Type
* Counter Current Wash Type

Power Pack Unit
Power Pack consists of High Pressure Radial Plunger Pump. Hand Operated Directional Control Valve. Solenoid Valve, Piolet Check Valve, Relief Valve, Oil Filter, Pressure Gauge, Electric Motor Working Pressure : Up to 325 Kg/cm2

Design of Flame :
Proof / Non-Flame Proof Area.

* Nozzles & Flanges * M.S/.M.S.R.L/P.P. * S.S.304 / S.S 316
* Filter Elements * Wooden * Cast Iron * Polypropylene