Heavy Duty Motor Winding Machines, Coil Winding Machine, Mumbai, India

Heavy Duty Motor Winding Machines

This is a large sized heavy duty type coil winding machine primarily designed for winding coils of large and medium sized transformers & motors. It can most suitably be used to manufacture long, large and heavy coils. Owing to a tail stock attached, direct winding around the core can be carried out.

There are many models for various transformer capacities and sizes. The most suitable models will be selected at the user’s option.

Speed reduction gears or stepless reduction gears and a cone clutch or an electromagnetic clutch are used in this machine, so that slow starting can be realized. In addition a tall stock can be shifted on the rack.

→ Very Ideal Winding Machine for repair shops / technical institute.
→ Can wind both-single and three phase Motor’s coil of straight and step windings.
→ Useful for 1/8 H.P to 40 H.P Motor coil using six Numbers of Straight and Step Arbours